Crowdamerica Custody

Store your cryptocurrencies safely.
Cryptocurrency wallets are commonly targeted by hackers. It is even more common for a person to lose their private key, or in the event of an accident, their loved ones may not access it. You can avoid these risks with Crowdamerica Custody.

The Highest Security Standard

Crowdamerica deploys the Ledger Vault technology which secures cryptocurrencies worth billions of euros globally. Ledger Vault is the global leader in providing cryptocurrency custody services. Thanks to our service Crowdamerica Custody you can use this technology to secure your cryptocurrencies as well. This service is available to clients with a deposit higher than € 10,000. The main benefits include:

  • Personal Consultant
  • Securing your cryptocurrencies on an institutional level.
  • The highest security standard on the market
  • Your own dedicated wallet
  • Real-time audit
  • Insurance by Arch & Loyd
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Security is the highest priority

  • Transparency We will create a dedicated address for you where you can verify your funds directly on the blockchain.
  • Secure Withdrawal You can whitelist the withdrawal address, or participate in the authorization flow.
  • Annual Fee With Crowdamerica Custody you pay only an annual fee 0.89 - 1.29 % p.a.
  • Exchange to EUR We can help you to sell your cryptocurrencies.

Which cryptocurrency can Crowdamerica Custody store

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Maker
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dash
  • Other

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