Crowdamerica Bitcoin and Gold

Continuous rebalancing of your investment will ensure that you have evenly distributed funds between the cryptocurrencies bitcoin and pax gold. In this way, you will use the potential of a fast-growing industry and at the same time the stability of conservative gold.

The product Crowdamerica Bitcoin and Gold is currently in beta and available only on the Slovak market.

The first rebalanced investment in bitcoin and gold works in your favor

The world-unique product Crowdamerica Bitcoin and Gold monitors the value of Bitcoin and Pax gold so that your finances are divided in a ratio of 50:50. The algorithm intelligently buys the cryptocurrency that has fallen and sells the one that has grown. This combination provides you with an easy and stress-free way to secure your future savings.

  • A conservative strategy exploiting the potential of a growing industry
  • Intelligent continuous rebalancing
  • Product ideal for long-term savings
  • An Easy Way To Invest In Gold

What do you get only with this product?

  • Continuous rebalancing Your investment will always be evenly divided between Bitcoin and Pax gold. As the Bitcoin value increases, part of it is sold off and gold is bought to bring your portfolio back to 50:50 and vice versa. Thanks to this, you will always buy and sell when it will be advantageous.
  • Lower volatility Now you can anchore your investment in cryptocurrencies with gold. You get the potential of a fast-growing industry and the stability of gold in one. You will anchore your investments in cryptocurrencies with gold.
  • Cryptocurrency backed with real gold Cryptocurrency pax gold is backed with real gold, so it represents its true value. As a result, it brings you similar benefits when investing as a classic investment in gold. Read more.
  • Double protection against inflation Predictions say that both bitcoin and gold will grow, so now you can comfortably and easily invest in them to protect your financials from inflation.

We are the leader in the Slovak market, which is already trusted by more than 40,000 individuals and companies.

Simple and clear
Everything goes smoothly with us - you can invest in a few clicks and you will not miss any news about your assets thanks to a clear profile.

Low deposit
You can invest with us from 50 €. You can try it for a little and increase your investment as you become more familiar with your investment profile.

Withdrawal without complications
Do you need to withdraw a portion or your whole investment and use it for something else? No problem and anytime. Deposit is just as easy.

Direct ownership
With Crowdamerica, you always own the cryptocurrencies directly, not through collective investment.

Independent audit
As the first platform for investing in cryptocurrencies in Slovakia, we use a regular independent wallet audit.

Market overview
We are familiar with the field. We constantly analyze the market and provide you with an update on the cryptocurrency market every week.

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